There are a few ways to order from us.

You can visit our stores in Alberton, Randburg or Cape Town, and order and collect at the same time. We accept cards, cash or EFT, and we carry stock of all our cornices. If it's a large order, please phone and enquire whether we have enough stock. Most of the time we do. If we don't, our factory has. Most skiritng and ceiling panels we carry stock of too. Flooring orders have a 24 hour lead time from the factory to us.

You can also phone your orders through or request quotes via email :

Alberton : Tel : 073 075 3001 or (010) 045 3700

Email :

Randburg : Tel : 073 978 5799 or (010) 054 6000 

Email :

Cape Town : Tel : 071 836 8368 

Email :


We can send you an official quote. You can pay via EFT or come to our offices to collect. We can also arrange delivery to you.

The third option is to use this Mr Cornice online ordering system that allows you to either have the goods delivered directly to you anywhere in South Africa, or you can arrange for your own collection at our stores.

At checkout, please ensure you select the correct shipping method, either collection at our store, or door to door delivery.

Your shipping costs are based on your postal code, and also whether you are considered to be in a main or regional center. Please ensure that you have the correct postal code for the delivery address available.

If you are collecting from our store, a consultant will be contacting you to confirm your order and will let you know when it is ready for collection. Most cornice, skirting and ceiling orders are ready and packed the same day. Flooring orders require us to request delivery from our factory and/or suppliers, so they will take a minimum of 24 hours (one working day) to prepare. If the orders are very large, we will inform you of any lead time required.

We will strive to get your delivery to you within 2-3 working days of placing the order online.

When shipping cornices, we are required to package them in boxes, and sometimes you might only be filling a small portion of the box, but you will be billed for the volume of the entire box. As a guide, you can work on 70 meters( 30 lengths) of 140 mm cornice to fill a box.

You may also arrange your own courier/transport company to collect on your behalf. Please inform us of this, as we don't let such orders leave without direct correspondence from the person who made the purchase. Also bear in mind that there may be some additional packaging charges for your account, as courier companies require specific packaging. You don't need to worry about this if you do the delivery on our platform.

Most online orders are seamless, but if there are any queries regarding your order, we will contact you to get them resolved. You are also welcome to contact us should you have any queries.

Thank you for your support,

The Mr Cornice Team.