Pre-cut corners for DIY installations !

If you are a DIY person and don't know how to cut the cornice corners, we have the solution for you.

We offer pre-cut corners that you simply stick together into the corners, and then join your straight lengths onto them. No more needing to figure out how to cut a mitred corner. It’s already cut for you.

There is also no need now to purchase a mitre block or mitre saw.

We offer both inside and outside pre-cut mitred corners.

Less hassle, less waste, and a lot less time.

Each pack includes a left and right mitred corner which are approximately 25 cm in length. To avoid confusion over how many you need, follow this principle : If you stand in a square room, you will need 4 Inner corners.

For larger scale jobs, we recommend cutting the corners yourself or allowing your contractor to cut them. We can also show you how to cut them yourself.

Pre-mitred corner 1 Pre-mitred corner 2