Which polystyrene ?

Not all polystyrene is created equal, and because we put our name to our products, it's important that the differences are made known.

Most in-house manufactured cornices are manufactured from XPS high density polystyrene. This is a relatively smooth, closed cell high density polystyrene. There are varying qualities out there, and here are the facts :

The polystyrene we manufacture from :

  1. Is smoother to the touch,
  2. Is a consistent high density product,
  3. Meets all our local fire and building specs,
  4. Has a beautiful finish when painted,
  5. Has a low breakage rate hence less waste,
  6. Is dimensionally stable,
  7. Is the best there is and carries our seal of quality and approval.

 Apart from XPS polystyrene, there is also something called EPS (expanded) polystyrene. EPS polystyrene can be identified by the visible balls/beads of polystyrene when you look at it. EPS polystyrene also has various densities, and the higher the density, the stronger the product.

EPS is cheaper than XPS, and we manufacture from EPS if our customers request it. It requires an extra coat of paint in order to get it as smooth as the XPS product.

We also sell the Bovelacci range of extruded cornices. These have an ultra hard and smooth surface and are appreciably more exclusive. They are manufactured in Italy.