Please note : Mr Cornice is not an installer, and we do not have our own teams of installers, and as such, we are not responsible for work carried out by third parties.

However, we recognise that there are many traps our customers can fall into when picking up installers at the side of the road, and even some of the ones that advertise can also be problematic.

Because of this, we provide our customers with recommended installers who we have seen in action, and who we feel are up to the task of handling and installing our products.

We have recommended installers for different products, and some have overlapping skill sets.

Let us know through the form below which products you need installed, where you are situated, and how many meters / square meters of products you wish to have installed.

We will assess your requirements and send you the details of one or sometimes even two recommended installers. You can then negotiate dates, times etc.

The installers have standard rates which vary according to the skills and work required. Some small jobs will attract a single cost, while larger jobs will attract a rate per meter / square meter cost.

Our recommended contractors can also visit you and quote you on jobs should you need it. There are call out fees applicable. These start at R450 and will vary based on the distances they need to travel to get to you. These fees are payable before you receive their final quote.

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