Double sided High Adhesion PE tape - 50m Roll


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Product description
This is our speciality double sided PE foam tape that actually sticks to polystyrene,  amongst all its other applications. We recommend it for sticking LED lights onto our LED Cornices. It is sold in a 50 meter roll.

Product Features
Thin foam backing for a small design gap
Versatile adhesive for high immediate adhesion on numerous substrates
High ultimate adhesion level for a secure bonding performance
Fully outdoor suitable: UV, water and ageing resistant
High immediate bonding strength even at low bonding pressure
Very good cold shock absorbtion

How to use it

Stick the double sided tape onto the surface you want your lights to be attached to. Gently rub the tape as you apply it to assist it to adhere to the polystyrene.

Remove the backing film and stick your lights onto the tape. Some light strips come with their own backing tape, but this doesn't adhere to polystyrene. Remove the backing film of the tape that comes with the lights, and stick this to the high adhesion PE Tape.

Product Construction
• Backing material PE foam
• Type of adhesive tackified acrylic
• Total thickness 500 μm
• Color black

Properties/Performance Values
• Elongation at break 270 %
• Tensile strength 8 N/cm
• Ageing resistance (UV) good
• Chemical resistance good
• Static shear resistance at 23°C good
• Static shear resistance at 40°C good
• Tack good
• Temperature resistance long term 80 °C
• Temperature resistance short term 80 °C

Adhesion to Values
• ABS (initial) 14 N/cm
• ABS (after 14 days) 17 N/cm
• Aluminium (initial) 13 N/cm
• Aluminium (after 14 days) 17 N/cm
• PC (initial) 9 N/cm
• PC (after 14 days) 17 N/cm
• PE (initial) 1.7 N/cm
• PE (after 14 days) 3 N/cm
• PET (initial) 12.5 N/cm
• PET (after 14 days) 17 N/cm
• PP (initial) 1.8 N/cm
• PP (after 14 days) 3.3 N/cm
• PS (initial) 10.5 N/cm
• PS (after 14 days) 17 N/cm
• PVC (initial) 14.5 N/cm
• PVC (after 14 days) 17 N/cm
• Steel (initial) 13 N/cm
• Steel (after 14 days) 17 N/cm


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