SILAD Cornice adhesive 2kg Bucket


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CorniceFix™ is a trademarked ultra adhesive that can be used on most substrates.

The areas of application and usage includes:

  • the application of cornices (Polyurethane and Polystyrene) including decorative products;
  • PVC Wall Cladding;
  • General uses in kitchen and bathroom (Includes filling of windows and doors);
  • SILAD CorniceFix™ can be used on concrete, wood (including chipboard), brick, plaster and gypsum.
  • SILAD CorniceFix™ is suitable for interior and exterior use.
  • SILAD CorniceFix™ is also available in 5kg buckets and 280ml cartridges.

2kg Bucket

1 x 2kg bucket will do about 20 meters of cornice, depending on the contractor/usage.

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