SILTECH 60 Kwik-Stick Adhesive


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SILTECH 60 is a one component bonding hybrid adhesive sealant for the construction and metal industry.  SILTECH 60 has high instant tack reducing the need of initial supporting the elements. It demonstrates excellent adhesion on almost all substrates including complex plastic films. The product is weather resistant, paintable and environmentally safe.

One cartridge will cover between 6 and 8 linear meters of skirting.

•Easy application
•Environment friendly
•Solvent and isocyanate free
•No release of volatile organic components (VOC’s)
•Non sag
•No bubble formation
•Excellent UV resistance, weathering and aging
•Exceptional thixotrohpy
•Resistant to chemicals.
•High adhesion property
•Paintable with all types of paints. (including water-based paints)
•Very good adhesion to most construction materials.

SILTECH 60 is suitable for mounting and pasting of materials such as metal, aluminum, glass, plastic, wood and concrete with each other. It can be used for construction industry, both indoors and outdoors as an elastic adhesive;

•Insulation of window and door elements,
•Connection joints of wood and metal structures,
•Installation and insulation of facade elements,
•Kitchen and bathroom sealing applications,
•Building facades,
•Roof constructions,
•Concrete joints,
•PVC and polymer skirtings and claddings,
•Flexible skirtings.

Available in a 280ml cartridge.


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